Turning smartphones into an exceptional learning tool


There is a popular saying that whoever you be in the next few years depends on the number of things you know. However, the real question is how do you acquire that knowledge? Happily, Wooclap is the best learning facilitator, as they can bridge the gap between student and teacher relationship. Today it is not only used in classrooms, but also as a boost for top conference meetings.
Wooclap is a certified intuitive interface that does not require any special training having being used by more than 35000 trainers and teachers to engage their learners and it is highly recommended by top brands like Microsoft. Using Wooclap as a professor or trainer is very easy as all you have to do sign up for free and you are ready to create your own questions, messages, and quotes to engage your students. This wonderful portfolio has many advantages which are not limited to:

  • Perfect interface for interaction with your audience during a live conference, a corporate meeting, or inside a classroom
  • Turns events into interactive and dynamic learning
  • Wooclap turns the use of smartphones in class to an exceptional learning tool, thus making learning more awesome and effective
  • Helps in connecting student engagement and neuroscience
  • Offers personalized reports for students, who will receive their individual results.
  • Assurance of an increased participation rate of students in your class

Now people often ponder how they could send personalized reports to their students, how they could use Wooclap interactivity within power point, integrate some questions into Wooclap, you name it. The answers to these questions are simple, as Wooclap presents these amazing features.

Live learning

With Wooclap, you can easily interact and vote with your smartphone, tablet or computer during a live presentation.


This feature helps to make your audience experience something sensational by testing their performances with a little competition.


It amazingly helps to track the progress of your audience between different sessions.

Live messaging

You can easily gather messages and questions during your presentation and display them at a time of your choosing

Distance learning

It gives your audience the avenue to answer questions at their own pace.


With Wooclap, you can download the answers to your questions, analyze them, and share the results with your audience.


No need to create new accounts. Using SSO, students, and teachers can log in to Wooclap with their university credentials.


PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, and Google slides

Wooclap connects with your everyday tools to better simplify your experience.


After all, it is often said that the ball is your court. Do you want to get that perfect interface with your students or audience? Then you should employ the use of Wooclap and you are guaranteed a great experience.


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