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Some people say that the person you become in the next 5 years depends on the things you do today. True, but it also applies to everything else. The person you become tomorrow depends on the books you read and most importantly the things you learn. A person’s life and destiny can be changed if he is impacted by proper knowledge. As we all know, teachers are instrumental in impacting the necessary knowledge to for children but it sometimes may be difficult for them. In light of this, Chalk is presented a wonderful platform that helps improve the credibility of teachers.

This wonderful portfolio is highly held in regard and trusted by leading education organizations. Chalk assures teachers a shift from traditional evaluation to true assessment by supporting learning growth through standards-based grading, formative assessment, and summative assessment. The most important thing about Chalk is its simplicity and easiness to use. It presents a lot of features that make teaching easier ranging from plan board, mark board, attendance, support, and login features. It is however not restricted to teachers use only, as it has a wide spread demographical use.

Chalk is built for:

  • Superintendents
  • Curriculum Leadership
  • Technology Directors
  • Teachers
  • Principals

Chalk’s platform surfaces actionable insights so you can see the “why.” It also enables teachers to unlock the full potentials of their student by using a more improved approach instead of the crude use of pie charts and bar graphs. It is also very important to authorities and guardians as it helps to make strategic decisions about when and where to provide feedback to teachers and students.

Yes, you may be thinking this is just another one of those platforms that claim to be the best. Before you jump to an irrational conclusion, it is paramount that you know the advantages, and solutions you can get from using Chalk.

Advantages of using chalk

  • Simplicity and easy use for teachers
  • Create units of instruction with default and custom map templates that meet your students’ needs
  • Easily confirm if all standards are assigned to a unit and lesson plans
  • Make Informed Decisions Using a Holistic Approach
  • Enable teachers and administrators to easily engage in a two-way dialogue on lesson plans and resource utilization
  • Connect guardians, students, and teachers in one location to enable two-way communication on student performance
  • Chalk’s platform allows each stakeholder to see relevant insights into a student’s performance the so provide proper resources and support

Chalk profers solutions to the following:

  • Curriculum
  • Instruction
  • Assessment
  • Platform
  • Security

So now that you know all that it entails, don’t you think it was worth your time? So hurry now and sign up with Chalk so you can become more effective in your teaching.

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