How to make beautiful presentations without any struggle?


Have you spent hours struggling and deciding how your presentation would look like? Haiku Deck is here to do the job for you. It makes your presentation better and greater than you would have expected in a shorter period of time. This digital portfolio is used by over 1,000,000 teachers and students around the world for any subject and every level. This platform is now being preferred to power-point for education as it gives a fresh and more flexible way to collect and present facts, ideas, illustrate processes and explore connections between words and images.

Haiku Deck is highly appreciated by teachers as it helps to encourage students to focus on the simplest possible way to present their ideas instead of a more ambiguous way and this makes students love the platform for its easiness to use, not to mention the fun and sense of pride they derive from it as they can create what they wish and take ownership. If you want to use Haiku Deck as a teacher or student, all you have to do is get the Haiku Deck app on your computer or smartphones. To do this, these simple steps have been provided to make things easier for you.

Easy steps to get and understand Haiku Deck

Step 1:

Get Haiku Deck. You can easily download the Haiku Deck for iPad and iPhone through your play store.

Step 2:

Create a Haiku Deck Account. You can sign in with email, Facebook, Google, or Twitter.

Step 3:

Get to Know Haiku Deck (you are presented with a video that gives you a brief intro).

Step 4:

Explore More Features and Get Inspired (you are provided with tutorials and Beginning Resources that further enlightens you to Haiku Deck).

Step 5:

Join our Community and Build your PLN.


So now that you have gotten an insight on how it works, it would be prudent to further expose you to the wonderful things you can expect from using this wonderful platform presents.

Advantages of using Haiku Deck

  • Simplicity and clarity
  • Haiku Deck makes presentations fast, easy, and beautiful
  • You can easily create a pie chart or bar graph using your smartphone
  • It allows you to create a deck to introduce yourself
  • Haiku Deck allows the user to create a list of things you love or things you believe in
  • You can create a deck to articulate your philosophy about education
  • You can create a deck that explains or collects facts about a topic
  • It is possible to easily create and share beautiful presentations on the web, iPad, or iPhone

These and many more are what you are assured of when you use Haiku Deck. So do you prefer to be engrossed by that presentation? Or do you want it over and done with? If your answer is yes, then sign up today and become a master presenter.

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