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Learning, as popularly known, is a change in knowledge, beliefs, behaviors or attitudes. It is not something that is done to students, rather it is something that students do themselves. Learning is a key process in human behavior. All living is learning. Situations may, however, arise when learning may seem difficult, and to that effect, Learning without Tears, as the name implies has presented the perfect platform to make learning and teaching easy and fun.

Learning without Tears is literarily the only company that provides the primary and fundamental skills that your students require to become confident communicators in the classroom. This platform has received a 97% rating by both parents and teachers, in that it has resulted to wonders and great turn around for them. This portfolio presents different features ranging from programs, products, resources, and the rare opportunity to be involved in the engaging training and workshop provided. If you want to use Learning without Tears for your child or as a teacher, all you have to do is open an online account and you can easily choose any program you have in mind. The programs available to you are briefly highlighted below:


If your child has come of age, then this is the best place to be. Get Set for School is an adaptable and play oriented educational program that offers the basic pre-writing materials and program that builds critical skills like early knowledge of mathematics and literacy. It presents a threefold package that helps prepare your children for school. These are:

  • Readiness & Writing
  • Language & Literacy
  • Numbers & Math

As a note of assurance, children who were taught with this program consistently demonstrated mastery of key skills at the end of the Pre-K year. They also scored higher and showed more growth than a control group of students. So you are assured that your child will develop only exquisite skills from this program.


As we all know, children who master handwriting are better and more creative writers. The earlier we realize this and begin to teach children to master handwriting, the more chance they have at succeeding academically. With this program, they will be able to write with speed and ease in all subjects.


This is more than just a typing program. It makes it easy to teach the foundation keyboarding skills that students will require to succeed with any assignment, in any setting. It may seem as though the more technologically inclined students have an upper hand in your classroom, but in order to be successful with digital communication and online tests, they will need to learn how to type without making unnecessary errors, learn some basic functions, format text, and discover how to interact in many online environments. The program in so doing provides engaging, child-friendly activities that are fun and interactive.

Why It Works so quickly?


IT presents a simple and easy way to place the fingers correctly.

Cross-Curricular Connections

Cross-curricular content integrates with other subjects.


Self-directed, game-based lessons engage students.

Easy to Set Up

Configures to various roster management and SSO solutions.


The workbooks provided in this program are simply exceptional, in the sense that they offer extra practice for writing skills development and can be easily assimilated either into an independent writing block or as a general class practice to solve the varying needs of your students. Students excel in writing when they have more practice especially in a narrative, informative, and opinion writing styles.

Why It Works?

  • Structured practice to build core writing skills. A developmental approach to writing
  • Uses Handwriting without Tears intuitive design and double lines for successful writing outcomes
  • Reduces the stress of searching for effective practice materials
  • Customizable writing templates
    • There is a saying that Knowledge is power. It, therefore, balls down to you to acquire this knowledge. Learning without Tears will guarantee you the knowledge you seek.

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