Learning language the easy and fun way


Have you ever thought of learning another language but hit a hitch? Well, guess what? Wordeys is here to make your dream come true. People have always found it problematic to learn different languages as you would have to travel from one country to another, but with Wordeys, you can learn any language online in the comfort of your home as long as you have an internet connection.
Wordeys is an online information technology tool that is geared towards providing an effective platform for learning, storing, and remembering vocabulary words in foreign languages. It helps you save and practice the vocabulary, grammar, and sentences you need the most.
Now people have the impression that most of these online platforms usually pose a difficulty to grasp, and thus a good reason why Wordeys is the perfect tool for you. The concept is quite simple and what is even better, is how easy it is to understand. Wordeys provides you the opportunity to develop your own lists of words with a caption. You are expected to choose the original language and the language you wish to learn, and also create the words you wish to commit to memory. Each list you develop can contain as many words as you want.
Once you are successful in developing your word list, you are then invited to commit them to memory in two easy steps:


In this case, the tool displays the word you want to be translated. If you do not remember, you can easily click on the word and the card turns virtually and displays the result.


In this method, Wordeys presents you a real quiz to test your knowledge on what you have learned, which you will have to answer in writing and also you would be required to translate each word on your list. After each answer, you will be able to have one click to verify that you are not mistaken.
This is quite easy, right? To that effect, the real question now becomes why you should indulge in using Wordeys.

So why should you consider using Wordeys?

  • Wordeys lets you create, discover and learn language learning sets for free
  • It enables you to create vocabulary decks easily with our suggested translations
  • It is a platform where you can quickly save the words, grammar and sentences you want to remember
  • You can easily remember your vocabulary lists by practicing with our spelling test or with flashcards
  • Wordeys offers you an immediate translation by way of Google translate
  • It presents you with the rare opportunity to make language learning even more fun by learning together with friends, classmates or colleagues

In essence, why go through the stress of long and boring online courses which claims to make you an advanced speaker or reach your goal to fluency, when wordeys can help you start learning languages effectively online today, so you can become the linguist you have always wanted to be.




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