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In a world of so many, sharing your ideas in the manner you want can sometimes prove problematic. Everybody wants to get a chance to air their views but never find the convenient way to do so. Have you ever imagined being able to get your ideas across to friends, co-workers, or even send a feedback to your boss at work through live feed? Well guess what? Screencastisfy will bring your imagination to realization.
Screencastify is a leading digital portfolio that gives you the perfect platform to record any video and share it online. It will help you to visually communicate with your friends, students, teachers, co-workers, customers, you name it in the comfort of your home. Today, it has gained popularity in its use prior to its release in 2013, having being used by millions of people all over the world. The fun thing about screencastify is the ease with which it can be used. It is a light weighted chrome extension that lives in your browser and so does not require you to download any cumbersome and complicated software to gain access.
Screencastify is the easiest way to capture your entire desktop, browser tab or webcam. However, do not be deceived by its simplicity. It will excellently record smooth HD screen and webcam videos, narrate, annotate, and also edit them to add a little touch of professionalism. Now that we have an insight about screencastify, you will be amazed by the wonderful features and advantages that come with using screencastify.




Capture anything

With screencastify, you can record your entire desktop, any application, current browser tab or just your webcam.

Make it personal

You can easily embed your webcam anywhere in your recording, and narrate with your microphone. This gives a livelier interaction.

Lives in Chrome

Screencastify operates within your browser so you are not required to do any bulky software download.


Record offline

With screencastify, you do not have be worried about internet connection until you upload your video to Google Drive or YouTube.



  • You can easily make online courses
  • It makes learning more personal with videos
  • Teachers are given the opportunity to develop a more personalized learning environment for their blended and flipped classroom by recording assignment solutions and full or bite-sized lessons
  • It helps to free up time by recording and streamlining important Professional development training and lesson plans for department
  • With screencastify, parent communication is improved on as it is easier to update parents more frequently and more visually. They’ll love being kept in the loop!
  • With the aid of screencastify, you can keep track of your customer’s experience on your product by monitoring their facial expression and commentary
  • New features like instructional screencasts helps to save the stress of time consuming and repetitive trainings

Screencastify has been proven to be the best portfolio that connects friends, students, teachers, workers, and families. So it is paramount that you open an account today and start sharing your video.

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