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Do you know that 80% of the population today still finds it difficult to convey their ideas and thoughts effectively? Luckily, Popplet is the best app that can bring your ideas and imagination to reality.

Popplet is an app that uses the concept of mind-mapping to enable its users to organize their ideas in different ways. This digital platform allows one to conveniently learn different languages. However, getting to know each and every word could prove problematic. Popplet is, therefore, the perfect tool for this as it helps to easily navigate the vastness of any language through its connections.

The amazing thing about this platform is that it is very adaptable and effective. With its user-friendly features, it can teach vocabulary effectively. This simple, intuitive, and effective platform has been claimed to produce rapid and immediate results in the classroom. Popplet’s ease of use combined with an impressive set of features such as text, images, drawing, presentation, and real-time collaboration makes it the perfect tool to be used over a broad range of subjects and classroom activities.

Popplet is so versatile that its usefulness has attracted educators of all disciplines, from kindergarten teachers to college professors. Popplet can be put to work in every part of a lesson through:

  • Lesson Planning and Objectives
  • Warm up
  • Presentation/Modeling
  • Practice
  • Checking and demonstrating learning
  • Homework and Further Learning

Furthermore, Popplet also helps in organizing information by color coding. As we all know, when colors are used when gathering information, it helps us to quickly gain access to them. Colors on its own have different meaning ascribed to it and as such, can be used to categorize our information into different concepts. It is can also be used as a memory aid. With Popplet, this becomes easier. Popplet presents a feature called popples which makes this easy for the user.

You may be wondering, why is this important?

When these popples are color-coded, it serves as a wonderful way of adding style to the information you have gathered and it is also a good method for memorizing the information that you have gathered.

Another wonderful aspect of the use of Popplet is food security. Popplet is used by businesses, planners, food growers, community advocates, and educators who are all keen to increase awareness and action to improve food security in their local communities and around the globe. Food security and food sustainability are crucial issues facing all of us on both the local and global scale.

Food security is the term often used to recognize everyone’s right to enough healthy, affordable food to live properly. Many believe that this will only be possible if we focus on food sustainability which is the capacity of our food systems to produce enough healthy food with a low energy and fuel footprint, where waste is minimized.

Ways in which popplet has made food security possible

  • Popplet helps one to define his business mission statement
  • Popplet helps in research, sketch and editing work as a means to plan urban garden projects.
  • It also helps in monitoring local access and affordability of healthy food.
  • It can be used as a means to encourage individual action.
  • It helps to educate the next generation’s leaders on the importance of food security.

So whenever you think you have an idea up your head, employ the use of Popplet, and you are assured a wonderful experience.




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