Expanding the definition of Management in a «Class room»


With every passing day, education as gradually shifted from the four walls of a class room to becoming more virtual. Teachers and students alike are beginning to understand the effectiveness online classes as to offer. However, the challenge is that it is difficult for instructors to guage the real level of engagement being achirved.

Airclass as provided solutions to these problems by creating an online learning platform with intelligent features. With Airclass, teachers no longer have to worry about keeping their student’s engagement level high throughout the period of the class as the platform is built with rich, immersive experience of a live training environment, anytime, anywhere.

Airclass has simply expanded the traditional classroom to provide more flexible learning methods – ones that inspire all kinds of students to meet their full learning potentials.

In many ways, Airclass is a classroom without limits. And it’s making a tremendous difference in the lives of thousands of middle and high schoolers.

Features of AirClass

Tools To Monitor Students Engagement

Get insights during class on your participants’ engagement. The emotion detection tool enables teachers track the level of student engagement and attention during class, providing an analytical deep dive as you watch the class back with Replay, getting specifics on when your participants were excited, uninterested, and more.

Amazing Content Creation Tools

Keeping your participants engaged is your number one concern, and that is why AirClass was built with whiteboarding, easy-to-use breakout rooms, chat, polls, and more to keep your participants’ focus on the screen.

Tools For Analysing Your Teaching Methods

AirClass constantly monitors your student’s disposition based on a spectrum of common emotions (e.g happiness, surprise, sadness, anger, disgust, contempt, confusion, and frustration) while the class is ongoing. The data is anonymously captured and aggregated across attendees to enable an instructor asses a detailed information about the effectiveness of both their delivery and their material through a single graphical interface.

Flexible Content Planning

Airclass as made it easy to prepare your course content once, and make it readily available to your learners before, during, and after class, so you can stay focused on more crucial matters.


An interactive recording that includes chat and engagement analytics. Students who may have missed a live session can use the AirClass Replay to relive the event as if they were there the first time around. Live chat, document shares and more are all provided in their original order.


This feature is very important as it can help you stay very organized and effective by keeping all of your files and videos in one, organized place. Making it really easy for you to assess, share and reuse your content whenever you want.

Live Chat

Packed with features that allow for maximum engagement during live sessions, Live chat options let you interact with participants, team members, and encourage discussion.

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