How connecting spreadsheets?


One of the challenges facing organizations is the lack of available tools to help easily cross, centralize, and distribute data from different sources without the use of expensive software. Sheetgo makes it possible to create your own personalized and automated workflow from the current spreadsheet data of your organisation. You do not need to have technical skills to do this.
Sheetgo helps you to share data in spreadsheets among an entire finance department to foster collaborate on financial management, reporting, and analysis.
The application can help teams to collaborate within their department and become aware of other solutions to finance-related tasks.
Sheetgo is compatible with various processing formats and online storage. It facilitates the automatic updating and traceability of data that can be sourced from the Cloud. Around 400,000 users in over a 100 countries use Sheeetgo including governments, companies, universities, and non-profit organizations.

How does Sheetgo work?

Sheetgo works by connecting sheets between spreadsheets to automate an otherwise manual process.

Product Overview

  • The application automates and links the flow of data in spreadsheets.
  • Guarantee up-to-date information for automated syncing with informed decision-making.
  • Combine the ease of use of spreadsheets with the benefits of complex software.
  • Identify data that are important by auditing all monitoring access and company spreadsheets.


Sheetgo is a SaaS that is compatible with any web browser available for Mac and Windows. The application connects data from different spreadsheets, synchronizes them automatically, facilitate data governance solutions, and the creation of workflow management.

Basic terminology of Sheetgo


Spreadsheet is considered to be a synonym for workbook – which is a collection of sheets. With Sheetgo you will always perform the activity of selecting a source spreadsheet – the sheet that you want to send data from, and the destination spreadsheet –the sheet you will be sending data to.


You create a connection each time you link a sheet/tab from a source spreadsheet to another spreadsheet.
With the consolidate feature, you can create one connection by selecting different source sheets and transferring their data to one sheet in the destination spreadsheet. Doing so will enable you create a master sheet from data sets which are distributed.


These are the tabs which are contained in a spreadsheet. The data in them are distributed in rows and columns. For Ms excel users, it is a synonym for worksheet.


Anytime a connection is made to transfer data from the source sheet to the destination sheet it considered as an update.

Accessing Sheetgo

Sheetgo can be accessed using the web platform or a Google Sheet add-on.

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