How turn your recordings to text easily?


There are some occupations that require dictation. If you are involved in one of those occupations, you know it can be a really challenging to find the right transcription/dictation software particularly on the mobile platform. Fortunately, there are now lots of available and effective tools today.

For transcribing/recording, an app called Recordense can perform wonders in this regard. It’s an efficient audio recorder that has one of the simplest interfaces of any recorder I’ve tried, and a very impressive audio quality.

In a few words, it lets you tag or mark any portion of a recording in real-time, and assign a category to it. It is quite a simple application that performs its functions in a very efficient manner.

It is worthy of note that before the inception of the Recordense application, it was formally known as Recorder With Tags, until it’s name was changed to Recordense. The reason for this is just a simple re-branding process. The former name was considered too general; hence decision to form a more recognizable and stylish brand name instead.

Features of the app

Here are some of the features of the Lite (free) version of Recordense:

  • PCM and AAC formats support
  • Free online transcription service
  • Google Drive sync
  • Back up recordings to your PC
  • Background recording (even when display is off or device is locked)
  • Widgets
  • Assign recordings to color coded categories (two categories only)
  • Control recording from notification drop-down
  • Manage and share recordings easily
  • Audio time-coded tags (three tags maximum)

The Pro version includes the following extra features:

  • Manage recording process from third-party apps
  • Maximum of 20 categories
  • Move audio to device memory card
  • Unlimited number of time-coded tags
  • Select sound quality (high, medium, low)
  • No ads

The Android version of Recordence allows you to:

  • Manage and share your recordings
  • Put tags during recording
  • Select sound quality
  • Record in the background
  • Organise recordings using categories


Recordense has a simple installation process. Here’s how the Lite version can be installed.

To begin with, tap on the Google Play Store icon on the device
1. Search for Recordense
2. Scroll to find the entry by Lemberg Solutions
3. Tap Install
4. Read through the permissions listing
5. Tap to accept the permissions listing if it is acceptable
6. Allow the installation to complete

To start Recordense, tap the icon either on the app drawer or the home screen. You will immediately see the main window.


Recordense is very user friendly — tap on the red circle on the main window and then tap the large red RECORD button to start recording your session.

Recordense is one of the best audio recording applications you will find. If you need to record note or meeting sessions –and to ultimately have them transcribed –with this easy-to-use app and service you cannot go wrong.

Learn more : Recordense




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