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Have you ever wondered why many people find it difficult to organize and understand most written works? It is because these works are sometimes too bulky and elaborate and as such will prove problematic to comprehend. Luckily, Resoomer is a tool that makes this a thing of the past. It helps you summarize and analyze your argumentative texts, your articles, your scientific texts, your history texts, as well as any analyzed work of art.

Resoomer also provides you with a Summary text tool. Furthermore, it serves as an educational tool that identifies and summarizes the important ideas and facts of your documents. With Resoomer, the user can easily summarize their idea in a single Click. It also helps the user to get to the main idea or skim through his argument so that interpreting the texts can be done quickly so as to develop the necessary syntheses.
This may prompt one to ask, who is Resoomer for? To that effect, it is therefore paramount that we know the different categories of people that Resoomer is ideal for.

Category of people that can use resoomer

College students/professors

Resoomer helps students to effectively summarize any page on Wikipedia in a matter of seconds for better productivity. It helps professors to easily identify the most important ideas and arguments in the text provided which enables them to better prepare for their lessons.

For journalists

This is a tool that can be used by journalists to efficiently simplify information that summarizes major events that have been gathered.

For editors/press releases

With the help of Resoomer, one can conveniently access the main idea of written articles to write engaging arguments and critiques. Editors can also easily identify and understand facts and ideas of texts which are the important part of current news and events in a faster way.

For readers

Readers are given the rare opportunity to summarize their digital documents for a relevant and fast uptake of information with ease and as such, saving more time.

For libraries/librarians

Resoomer can be used as a desktop tool by librarians to enable them to read more than one document at the same time. It is also a wonderful tool that can effectively be used to summarize book presentations so that arguments can be easily identified in a matter of seconds.

For writers/publishers

Resoomer can effectively help publishers to identify their books or ideas of the book authors quickly. You can also summarize the most important and main points. This tool can also be used as a literary device by writers to summarize chapters of their work, pointing out the main ideas.

For museums

This tool makes quick summarizing of artists’ presentation and their artworks quick and easy.

For institutions

Resoomer helps to identify the most important passages in texts that contain a lot of words for detailed analyses.

The best part about Resoomer is that the concept employed is very easy to understand. You can summarize or analyze your argumentative texts anytime you want by following the two steps below:

  • Simply copying and pasting your argument text on the blanch space given.
  • Or by using the extensions provided to summarize your online articles.

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