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MailChimp is all about marketing automation and it is in fact the world largest marketing automation platform right now. It is like a second brain that brings the consumer in contact with the seller. It works by helping millions of small e-commerce shops and big online retailers find their target audience, engage their customers and build their brand. In other words, MailChimp enables you to sit back as let it do the dirty job, thereby reducing your marketing worries to naught.

Automate your marketing

Are you new to marketing? Do you have a lot of fears about marketing? Have you been in the marketing game for a long time but still finding it hard coping with some of its aspects? If your answer is affirmative, then MailChimp is the solution you need and seek.
With MailChimp, you can effortlessly find, welcome, stay connected, re-engage, and follow up with the people who matter to you. You can target people based on behaviour, taste, and previous sales. This information can then be used to welcome new customers, reach out to people who abandon their online shopping carts, and win back lapsed customers. Now the great news is MailChimp will do all the aforementioned things automatically. Sounds so good!

Awesome things you can do with mailchimp

  • Connect with new contacts
  • Create a warm and long lasting relationship with your customers by automated and targeted email, customer reward, thank you messages, etc.
  • Sell more and grow your business in no time
  • Turn website visitors/window shoppers to customers
  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Keep your customers abreast of your new promotions and products
  • Customize order notifications
  • Personalize product recommendation
  • Follow up purchases
  • Boost loyalty
  • Win people back
  • Turn new customers into regular customers

What are the features of mailchimp?

Apart from the invaluable market automation, the following are some of the features of MailChimp:

EMAIL TEMPLATES: MailChimp gives you access to eye-catching, customizable email templates for your use to pass messages to your customers in the most suitable way for your brand. Also, if you feel like it, you can easily code your own templates.

ABANDONED CARTS MESSAGING: With statistics showing 67 percent of online shopping carts are abandoned before a customer completes a sale, it becomes very imperative to remind customers what they’ve left behind and encourage or convince them to complete their purchase. Abandoned cart messaging feature on MailChimp helps you to reconnect with customers who abandon their shopping carts, thereby generating more revenue for you.

LANDING PAGES: You can create beautiful landing pages with MailChimp to make it easy for people to buy your products or join your list. Your landing pages can be created to showcase products, advertise sales and discounts, run a giveaway, offer free downloads, etc.

Other features worthy of mention are: Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Mobile App, Product recommendations and Google Remarketing Ads.

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