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Tixio transforms the way you work, with this online tool you can easily organize every one of your web platform tools and sites you use every day. This way, you have no more awkward browsers filled with dozens of tabs, this way you can limit distractions and easily keep a clean workspace.
With Tixio, you can easily find what you need when you need it.

Using Tixio in schools

The amazing features Tixio offers makes them an important tool that can help enhance collaboration and imbibe the spirit of team work between students. With the online application, teachers can easily give out group projects or assignments using the app to foster communication, idea exchange and total participation by all members.

Making Use of Tixio widgets to optimize your time

Tixio widgets make it possible to see all of your most important information in one place. Prioritize your tasks with to-do lists, receive real-time updates on important data, and monitor your favorite links as soon as you open your browser. Your day will run more efficiently from the beginning and you will save valuable time for you and your team.

Customize Tixio to your taste

Tixio boards are 100% customizable. Organize your widgets and add themes, background images and colors that fit your preference and give you inspiration!
Add bookmarks of your most-visited sites to the widgets on your board and keep them safe and sound in cloud and conveniently all in one place.

Create and share your Tixio boards

Creating a Tixio board is simple and makes sharing links and sharing the workload easy.
Once you invite friends, peers, colleagues, or co-workers to join your Tixio board, all of your widgets, including links and to-do lists, will be available for them to view and interact with.

With Tixio Boards there is nothing that you can’t organize! There is no limit to the number of boards you can create. Personalize your boards with apps and widgets, putting what is most important to you first. Share every board you create with your team and watch it update in real time.

Using the Google Extension

No one likes to waste any time, so Tixio’s Chrome Extension feature allows you to add bookmarks straight to your boards. All functions in Tixio are thoroughly designed to help optimize your browsing habits, making it easier for you to get back to doing what you do best.

Collaborate with your friends, peers, colleagues, or co-workers using Tixio and watch your work process become super simple, streamlined, and efficient.

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