How monitor the reading habits of your students?

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Students are reading more on their devices than ever before. Whether they’re scanning articles on their phone or eBooks on their laptops, students are all starting to bring tech into their reading practices. It can be tough for a teacher to determine how to match these new reading practices with their classroom.

Measure Your Student Progress

The stackup online tool allows you easily monitor individual students and classes and see how they are all progressing and learning online. Teachers receives meaningful insights about their student in order to help them further and provide support for them in their areas of interest.

Find Out Your Students Individual Interests

Stackup automatically keeps track of all reading and learning activity done across the entire web by reading level, subject area and website. This way teachers can easily see what subjects’ interest’s individual students the most and can further help them grow in that particular subject area.

Make Reading Fun

Students gets rewarded for completing readings that interest them. Stackup works on the entire web, but to make things even easier, meet the Stackup Library. The most popular and interesting articles on the web, organized by subject area and reading level from over 300 educational websites.

Creating Amazing Reading Challenges

Educators can create a challenge to read a certain amount of minutes on a given topic (Stackup categorizes the web into 60 different categories) and students can opt into the challenge. Teachers are then able to see all of the students, how many minutes they’ve read as part of the challenge and even the top websites they are visiting.

For teachers worried about students trying to game the system, Stackup has patent-pending technology that knows whether users are actively engaged or not, so students can’t get credit for time spent reading if they are actually on another tab watching a video or step away from their computer.

It is also worth noting that individual user data is only visible to that user and those with whom they choose to share it and that Stackup has signed the Student Privacy Pledge.

Getting started with Stackup takes less than 1 minute. Thanks to single sign on with Google, getting started is quick and painless.

Using The Google Chrome Extension

As an extension, Stackup functions within the Chrome browser. Once downloaded from the Chrome Web Store, it automatically begins tracking everything a person reads while on the browser. The extension allows teachers to track the amount of times students are reading, look at the categories of what they are reading, and issue gamification badges. The extension appears on your Chrome toolbar alongside any other extensions. The purple “S” logo can be clicked on when you are on any website in order to provide you with information about what you are reading, including grade level and category of the text.

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