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As an instructor, digital note taking software’s will help you stay productive a lot for developing lesson plans, documenting meetings with students, planning a project with your colleagues or just penning down a brilliant idea that just comes to mind. The problem however is how to effectively convert those notes to actions.

Staying productive in the way you handle your ideas, implement them, and turn them into actions that can bring about positive results can be quite difficult, especially when you are wasting time transferring tasks from your notes to your dedicated task app. That is where taskClone comes in to play an important role.

Task clone solves a very simple but yet nagging problem: How to get action items out of your various digital notes and into the right app without the stress of retyping, copy and paste or forgetting to do it altogether.

Task clone takes out the stress of you having to go search through all these notes and plans later on when you need them, instead it extracts the tasks and your to-do’s in your note, compiles them for you then puts them on your to-do list on your favorite task app.

Features of TaskClone that makes it so important

  • Task clone is the only service that extracts and sends your digital notes to over 40+ task apps.
  • It can send tasks to multiple task apps (e.g. home & work).
  • It sets due dates, assignees, tags and more.
  • It creates new notes from each task to help you remember all the details of the task.
  • It schedules events in Google Calendar.

Creating An Account In TaskClone

The steps required for creating an account in TaskClone are quite easy and can be completed in few minutes.

  1. You will need an email address connected to your to-do list application. This email address will be used by taskClone to copy over tasks. So anything sent on that email address would go on your to-do list.
  2. TaskClone also gives you the option to authorize it to add events to your Google calendar. It is very easy to turn notes into calendar events, just follow the step by step instruction that would be giving to you by the app.

Creating and setting up TaskClone is quick and painless. Once activated, taskClone is invisible.

Free Trial

TaskClone offers a 14 days’ free trial. This trial includes unlimited to-do’s, unlimited events or remainders to calendars, and the ability to send tasks to 10 different apps.

Don’t Just Take Notes Take Action!

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