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No matter what you do, working efficiently is important for you to complete all your giving task and accomplish your goals on time with less stress. Using a speech to text note taking application is one of the ways to make your note creation more efficient.
With SpeechNotes you can easily put down your ideas in writing as they come to you, capture great thoughts and create awesome write ups as the inspiration comes without the stress of first typing them out.

This tool can help boost creativity and reduce your work load with its easy to use interface, speed and high level of accuracy.

What makes SpeechNotes stand out?

1. High Level of Accuracy

Speechnotes is claimed by users to have an accuracy of more than 90% making them one of the best speech to text tool out there in the market when compared to other speech to text services. This high level of accuracy as also made them popular among different organizations.

2. Advanced Voice Command Features

Speechnotes has also added some advanced features into their application. The use of voice command to add punctuation and formatting while dictating makes working with the software easier and more efficient. A full list of available commands can be found on their website.

3. Automatic Text Formatting

Speechnotes is an amazing speech to text application that automatically punctuates and capitalizes text for you while you dictate. The ability of the application to intelligently punctuate and accurately capitalize the right words makes it a leading technology in the field of speech to text conversion.

4. Easy To Use

Speechnotes interface is simple and easy to use allowing you focus on the task at hand. Simply click the microphone and start dictating. No need to login, register or sign up for anything. If you want to improve your productivity, then speechnotes was created and designed to definitely be the best for you.

5. Easy TO Export And Share

Once you are done dictating and feel happy with your notes, you can easily use the share arrow to send the text to any editing app you have on your phone. You can also send the text directly to any social media account you want or into your cloud storage. This makes collaborations with your colleagues or sharing of notes with your students easier to do.

Voice typing and taking notes as never been so efficient and easy. You can use speechnotes to speed up your work by dictating your ideas into it and then transferring it to your text editing application for final editing.

Try it and see your work efficiency increase!

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