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When working or studying, you can only focus for so long before your mind starts to wander. Taking frequent breaks helps, but if you don’t specifically schedule time for them, it’s far too easy to sit and work for hours on end.
Flowtime is a FREE Chrome Extension built for the main purpose to boost your productivity! FlowTime works as a timer that helps you stay on top of your game. With the help of some simple techniques, flowtime can boosts your productivity by making your mind go into the state of flow faster.

Working Smarter

This amazing chrome extension has lots of applications in schools and businesses as it can help you boost your overall work output by showing when best to read or work based on your productivity analysis. It’s a matter of working smarter rather than hard.

How does It Work?

Don’t strive to wake up early or stay late. Instead, optimize systems so that you can tackle the phase where your productivity is low. This is where flowtime can help you the most.
Flowtime monitors your work progression at any particular time of day. It gathers this information and displays it to you in a well detailed graphical display that shows you when you were the most productive, when you were the least productive and the best time you should study as a student based on this analysis of how productive you were.

Using Flowtime To Enhance Productivity In Classes

Time tracking apps reveal exactly how you get distracted and what’s slowing you down, to help you address personal and operational inefficiencies. Knowing everything’s being captured can also do wonders to lock productive focus.
Using the flowtime chrome extension app helps your students find out the best time they are the most productive. Flowtime productivity feedback checks to see the mental state of operation in which you are fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity you are doing. Be it reading, creating a note or trying to make sense of a particular topic or subject thought earlier. It helps you find a state in which you are the most productive!

Features That Makes Flowtime Stand Out

Flowtime offers everything you’d expect from a simple timer—and then so much more.

  • It lets you adjust the lengths of your focus and break sessions.
  • The timer switches automatically from focus to break time.
  • You can Pause your timer at any time if you’re interrupted and need to quit tracking your time. When you’re ready to refocus, restart the timer to log the time from the unfinished session to your timesheet, and start fresh with a new focus session.
  • Flowtime also features powerful reporting options that let you filter your data and share your logs with others.

In addition to taking advantage of the flowtime chrome extension and tracking your time toward tasks, flowtime also provides you with statistics on your productivity.
Flowtime reveals exactly how you get distracted and what’s slowing you down, to help you address personal and operational inefficiencies.

When you pause a timer, it asks you what caused the interruption. Use these reports to monitor your own productivity over time, and discover what interruptions are preventing you from staying focused most often.

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