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Classdojo is a communication application that gives you a simple way to build an amazing online classroom community. With classdojo, teachers can easily track their students’ behavior, comprehension rate and share the reports between parents and teachers.
The online application allows teachers upload educational photos or videos, assign projects and get real time feedback from the students.

How Does It Work?

Classdojo is an online behavior management tool that can help you get to know each member of your class much better. It connects teachers, parents and students together in order to improve student behavior and build character strength.
Each student has a profile complete with their own avatar and personal information, teachers can assign positive and negative points throughout the lesson depending on how they perform. This information is then recorded on students’ profile so that it can be reviewed throughout the year by both the teachers and the parents.
This feature allows teachers help build good attitude to work into the child by assigning different projects to students and giving a positive or negative feedback for any task completed or new skill acquired which can include working hard, team work and being respectful.
Teachers use classdojo to keep parents up to date on students’ progress and how they can best help their child grow.

Classdojo For Teachers

Classdojo helps teachers move learning from just being in the four walls of the class room to becoming more interactive and readily available via online classes and communities that can help build good attitude to learning for the student.
Teachers can fully access all features of class dojo on their computers, tablets, smartphones and can even be used on interactive whiteboards and projectors.
As the teacher, you are required to set up a classdojo profile through the company’s website, name your class, assign a grade level to your class and then establish class values for your class.
Teachers can choose out of the six pre-existing positive values clasdojo provides or decide to customize them further to suit what you really want your students to focus on learning.
The pre-existing values includes:

  • Helping others
  • Completing a task
  • Teamwork
  • Perseverance
  • Working hard
  • Participating fully

After establishing the class values and the Dojo points that should be awarded for each, teachers can then start manually populating their class rosters.

Classdojo For Parents

Parents can easily access behavioral information of their child across multiple classrooms by adding each unique access code assigned to them. They can also receive or send messages to their child’s teacher to further get more insight on their child and on how best to aid in their development.


Classdojo is completely free for use by teachers, administrators and parents. The tool can be easily implemented to any class and is easy to use with its easy to understand UI design and clean platform to allow complete focus with little or no distractions.
The online tool can be accessed via classdojo’s website or through an IOS or Android application on your phone making learning on the go very easy to accomplish.

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