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Lucidchart used as a learning tool is quite amazing as teachers and educators can use the online tool to visually explain complex processes and demonstrate learning techniques. Lucidchart combines ease of use with more robust functionality to accommodate all students, from those in elementary schools to those in advanced engineering courses.
With Lucidchart, you can always be rest assured that this tool will always help your students always stay up to date, informed and part of the total process of learning and understanding what is being thought.
Lucidchart can also be used as an important tool for teaching the power of collaboration and team effort. Lucidchart runs in the cloud, so your whole class or group can create or comment on a diagram together in real time.
This can easily have useful application in your class when you would like your students to work on a project together.

How Does Lucidchart Stand Out?


Lucidchart can be practically applied to your class no matter what subject you teach or study. With lucidchart you can easily visualize what is being thought.
As an instructor, you can go a step further by finding and adding the right videos or images to your diagram. This can help anyone viewing it easily understand and follow along.

User friendly

Lucidchart as a clean, straight forward editor which is institutive and easy to understand for all ages. The editor was created to simply help you skip the learning curve and become very efficient using lucidchart. You can use features like drag and drop to quickly complete your tasks. This functionality helps simplifies the entire experience.

Fully Integrated

Lucidchart is created to fully integrate across all google products. So you have no problem if you are already using G Suite for Education or Google Classroom. With Lucidchart, you can easily manage assets and connect all platforms together.

No Need For Installation

Lucidchart is an online tool that can be accessed and used by simply visiting their website. Lucidchart is always online and just a click away so you don’t have to pass through the hassle of downloading and running a desktop software or a need to keep on updating the old versions to a newer one.

Use Lucidchart Flowchart Maker

Lucidchart also provides tools that can easily make flowcharts for you automatically. The flowchart maker simplifies the creation of even the most complicated of diagrams by offering you hundreds of templates you can choose from to get inspiration and start creating flowcharts, process maps, org charts, UML diagrams, ER diagrams, data flow diagrams, mind maps, network diagrams and more.

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