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Packly is an amazing platform that makes use of modern and dynamic approach to provide a very professional and easy to use online packaging tool for creating and printing custom boxes that allows anyone to generate custom dielines in seconds. Creating custom packagings becomes more easy and convenient with Packly.

Boost Your Sales

One of the most important trends in marketing is the ability to create a unique brand with products perfectly customized.
Packaging is the first thing people see when they come in contact with your products, and the way your boxes are designed can either increase your products appeal or reduce it therefore the need to create amazing boxes and designs that catches the attention of everyone while still explaining about the product within is Important. It is an important way for you to boost your sales.
Packly provides a platform for doing this, with Packly you can choose from numerous boxes available online on its platform, tailor them to your need, and order for them all on their platform. You only need to choose the box type, enter the sizes you need and add your custom artwork on Packly’s dieline.
In addition to the dimensions, you can customize the whole outer side of the packaging through images, texts, logos or any other graphic element you need. In simpler terms, Packly provides you with a platform to bring your design ideas to reality. The only set back is your imagination.
Packly can both turn packaging ideas into interactive virtual 3D models and print custom boxes in high quality, from a single copy to large volumes starting from just two working days.

How Does Packly Stand Out?

Packly gives you an easy to use platform that allows you create die-cut templates

  • As PDF vector
  • In few seconds
  • With your own dimensions and unique size combination

It’s easy, all you need to do is: enter the three dimensions of the box, visualize your custom die-cut template and download the professional dieline immediately.
You can also visually view what your designs look like in 3D. Packly provides you with an option to view your virtual 3D box models:

  • With custom graphics
  • In real time
  • on its website online with no need to install any software

It’s simple, all you need to do is: upload Packly’s dieline customized with your artwork and visualize the live 3D box preview.


  1. Complete your design online with no need for software installation
  2. Have access to Packly’s numerous automatic die-cut templates generator for all your designing need
  3. 2D-3D box models visualizer with custom artwork and shareable link
  4. Online printing service for paper industry
  5. Quality professional dielines, high resolution prototypes, mini-series and large quantities printing.
  6. Versatility with no minimum order, you request printing service starting from a single box.
  7. The online platform is very professional and easy to use.

Steps to creating an amazing design

We already know of the importance packaging plays in attracting your customers and informing them of what your product as to offer, now the question is: how do I create an amazing design?
To start creating your boxes, you should define all the technical and structural aspects of your package first. You also need to know what kind of packaging designs are commonly used in the market in which you wish to enter. However, you can always experiment with other models.
After choosing the box, the material, and the size, you can then start designing your custom artwork. Try to create a visual design that is compelling as well as informative.
A new product a new experience, and a new packaging.

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