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ReadLang is an amazing web app that focuses on helping you better understand vocabulary and phrases of a language and how they all come together. Readlang access inline translations of words and phrases from any website or text and presents them to you whenever you need help with understanding certain words on the page.
Readlang also gives you the option to save the translated vocabulary. It creates flash cards from all the phrases you translated and helps you save them for further practice and revision or for exporting to other programs.

Does It Really Work?

In short words, “Yes it does! “. Readlang is designed to be help you from your beginning stage in your new language learning to advanced. It as a clean and distraction free as possible. The click or swipe to easily translate feature of the web app makes it possible for you to comprehend quickly and unobtrusively, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the learning process as much as possible.

Using The Flash Card Features

The flash card features used by ReadLang to help you practices is quite amazing. It is designed with an algorithm that picks the most useful words for you to practice based on word frequency lists. And as you practice, ReadLang schedules words using a spaced repetition algorithm to ensure that you never forget any new or old word you’ve learnt over time.

Using ReadLang In Classes

The awesome features readlang offers makes it an amazing online language learning tool that can easily be implemented in classes to help in teaching different languages. This online tool encourages reading of different materials like novels, literature and other types of books written in that language to better help you understand the language. While you are reading these materials, ReadLang would help provide them with more accurate meaning of what certain words stand for, making it easier for them to learn as they read.

What Language Does ReadLang support?

ReadLang supports lots of languages, some of the languages however are more thoroughly covered than others. You can check their website for a full list of all the languages currently being supported.

How To Use ReadLang


You can use the browser extension available for download to easily use ReadLang on any webpage or you can import or copy and paste text directly into the ReadLang Website.


Click or swipe any word you don’t know to get the translation of that word. Once you click on any word, ReadLang will immediately replace that word with its translation right there in the original text. It will also go ahead to create a flash card to save that word on it for later use while you are practicing.


Practice the new words in your flash cards over and over again until it becomes second nature to you. Readlang flash card reading algorithm will help you optimize your time and ensure you are studying correctly.

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