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Goformative is one of the most advanced and mostly used digital tool available today that offers you different opportunities for promoting student’s creativity, student voices, expanding their learning environment and broadening their choice of where to learn and how to learn.
With goformative, your students have multiple ways to connect and engage in more authentic learning experience.

How Does It Work?

Goformative has a large library filled with pre-made questions ready for use on its website. Teachers can also create their own questions, upload it to the website and give students the quick code to direct them to the specific questions for their class.
The goformative online tool allows teachers get live results from setting formative questions of different types for students in a class to answer.
With goformative, you have a very easy to use and powerful online assessment tool that allows students type, draw or submit images to best demonstrate their understanding of the subject or lesson being thought.

Benefits Of Using Goformative In Your Classroom


The ability to see what individual student is doing and be able to give instant correction makes goformative a favourite for teachers. The online assessment tool provides you with a live feedback of what your students are doing and how they are going about solving each problem giving to them making it possible to easily communicate to them and provide instant intervention the moment it matters the most.


Goformative gives you the ability to use technology to transform the way you teach and help you surpass the limitations placed on students by a physical class room. With goformative you can easily understand your students and find out easy ways to make learning fun for them.


Goformative offers you various kinds of question types which includes (multiple choice questions, true/false, show your work whiteboards and short answers). This way you can easily mix up the types of question you give your students to better understand their strengths, weaknesses and how best they understand a certain topic or subject.


Make your materials more informative and interesting to read by adding images, videos, word documents, links and more. This way your questions can be more practical and under stable by your students.


With goformative you can easily collect data of individual students in your class over time. This data can easily be represented visually on the goformative platform using charts and well calculated statistic to better help you understand how far each individual student as grown over time.


Easy access via any device makes goformative really great for learning. The website was built to work well with both smartphones, tablets, laptops, iPad and chrome books, making it possible to carry out your assessments on the go.

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