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Have you ever been in a situation when you had to finish your assignment really soon because the deadline is closing in, but you just can’t seem to Focus? Are you so tired of trying to succeed in breaking a bad habit that you just can’t keep yourself motivated to keep trying?

Students are reading more on their devices than ever before. Whether they’re scanning articles on their phone or eBooks on their laptops, students are all starting to bring tech into their reading practices. But how do they stay focused without getting distracted with messages from friends or notifications from different social media platforms?

Statistics tell us that an average teenager spends around 9 hours a day on social media. With so much attention wasted on tracking posts and scrolling down the news feed, it’s almost impossible to stay concentrated on your work. This especially goes for those that just can’t help themselves but check each notification, message, or any other sort of distraction.

The Focus Solution is the student-centric chrome extension that allows administrators, teachers, parents, and students to focus on what matters… a quality education that prepares students to excel in today’s competitive global community.

It includes setting time limits for each portion of the work you need to finish, followed by a short break. This will motivate you to finish your work before the time runs out.

This amazing chrome extension app allows you to keep track of your studies, providing you with series of useful feedbacks and analytics which will help you plan your studies better and keep you motivated for the work at hand.

Focus is so much more than just a simple scheduler. It’s designed for people with massive amounts of work and people who want to create a habit of routine studying but just can’t find the right motivation. It keeps track of your performance, analyzes your progress to let you know just how much work you need to put in daily in order to achieve your goals, reminds you when it’s time to start studying, and so much more.

Free and user friendly!

The Focus chrome extension was built to be simple and easy to use allowing you focus on the task at hand. No need to login, register or sign up for anything all you need to do is download the chrome extension, then you can begin using it immediately.

If you want to improve your productivity, then Focus was created and designed to definitely be the best for you. It makes it possible for you to see yourself grow.

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