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The ability to carry out multiple tasks from one single place makes ILovePdf the best PDF editing tool for you. It allows you to edit your files in a simple yet effective manner to best boost your productivity.
ILovePdf allows you to create documents in PDF format or edit those that already exist, using a variety of advanced functions to make it easy when inserting or deleting texts or images, placing notes, comments, highlighting key points and including other details.
This tool can be implemented across diverse sectors and for different purposes, be it in the class rooms or in the offices, you can simply use the fast, very intuitive tool to make the handling of your document very easy.

Working Offline

ILovePdf went a step further in providing top notch quality services by creating a desktop application that can help satisfy all your PDF editing needs, you can process your PDF files offline right on your computer with the ILovePdf desktop application.
The offline application allows you to: compress, merge, split, convert and edit your Pdf files locally on your computer without the need of going online. This can help speed up your work processes and make your file processing safer and easier since all activities are done locally on your computer.

Features That Makes ILovePdf Stand Out



ILovePdf is a tool that is very useful when creating different documents like lesson plans, notes, official documents or PowerPoint presentations for any purpose. It allows you edit and modify the PDF files with functionalities like merge and split, convert the document type and compress your PDF files all on its easy to use platform.


ILovePdf online tool is compatible with all browsers, operating systems and computers. So you have no limitations for its use at all times.

Easy To Use

ILovePdf was created with an easy to use interface to help you focus on the task you have at hand with little or no distractions. You can easily visit their website to make use of its online tool or you can download the application onto your computer and make use of it locally.

Maximum Privacy

For those that would love to edit confidential files, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the privacy of your files when using the ILovePdf online tool. The company handles itself professionally and also assures users that non of their files are saved at any time while using their online tool for conversion or editing of your PDF files.
You can also download the ILovePdf application on your computer to process all your files locally in order to increase your file privacy to the maximum.

File Piracy Protection

ILovePdf also provides you with the option of protecting your documents by adding your email address as a watermark or a signature in order to protect your documents from piracy or unauthorized modifications.

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