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Nearpod is an interactive presentation and assessment tool that can be used to amazing effect in the classroom. The app’s concept is simple. A teacher can create presentations that can contain Quiz’s, Polls, Videos, Images, Drawing-Boards, Web Content and so on. The students can access a teacher’s presentation through a code. It is up to the teacher to then move the class through the presentation and let them interact with the media as they go.

Using Technology To Enhance Teaching

Nearpod is a high-quality, user-friendly, reliable presentation program that could be a valuable asset in every teachers classroom. It allows students to become active participants in their education. Presenting instructional content in engaging ways, making learning not just a one-way conversation.

Nearpod works in transforming student devices into powerful learning tools. With Nearpod you can access thousands of high quality digital lessons to enrich student learning. Nearpod’s features amplify already great teaching and, as a result, students are magnifying their learning capacity.

Benefits Of Using Nearpod As A Teacher

For starters, it’s easy to create slide decks, but what’s amazing is that these presentations can be pushed to student devices or phones instantly and with ease. Students can then follow along and interact with the instructor.
Other types of presentations can easily be converted and used within NearPod too, so you don’t have to reinvent good material. Just upload and begin pushing to students with ease. This could include audio and video files too.
Beyond that, Nearpod provides you with the ability to collect real-time feedback from students through a wide variety of question types/formats. This enables the presenter to pace the lesson appropriately, follow-up with anyone who may be struggling, or engage students in conversation or clarifications based on the feedback.

NearPod has a database of phenomenal content available to educators. Large amounts are free. Some of the content even offers VR360 opportunities for students who are using capable devices.

Give Every Student a Voice With Nearpod

Nearpod creates an inclusive and immersive learning experience by allowing students to actively participate in every lesson.

Sharing Your Nearpod Lessons With Your Students and Colleagues

From your Nearpod Library, select the lesson you would like to launch, go over it and decide if you want to launch as a Live Lesson (teacher-paced) or in Student-paced mode.

  1. Live Lessons allow the teacher to control the pace of the lesson displayed on the student’s device
  2. Student-paced mode allows students to navigate the lesson at their own pace

A pop-up will appear with the lesson’s CODE. You can share this CODE through email, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook or Google+, Google Classroom or by sending the link directly. Your students can go to nearpod website or the Nearpod App to join the lesson.

You can have multiple CODES active for the same lesson at the same time to use the same lesson for multiple classes. This will create different reports, helping you to keep all the results from one class together.

Dedicated Training

Nearpod’s expert trainers will come on site to get you up to speed on how to use Nearpod so you get the most out of all the engaging features. Not only that, Nearpod is committed to improving their product – always taking steps forward, listening to user concerns, offering loudly support, and advancing.

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