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Lessonly allows users to build, share and track training materials and activity from a singular interface. It is primarily used by customer service teams, sales teams, and human resources but can be incoperated into schools as it’s amazing features helps boost team work, swift materials and information sharing and increased learning productivity.

Using Lessonly To Boost Productivity in Schools And Work Places

With Lessonly, knowledge and information related to work or study can be made available anywhere, anytime, and on any device. The online application allows instructors, team leaders and top-performing team members share their work knowledge and best practices with their teams and co-workers quickly.

The software lets members develop their skills through practice, repetition, and feedback. Last but not the least, Lessonly provides metrics aimed at measuring team members learning, productivity, and engagement to better help them enhance themselves.

Tracking Learning Performance With Lessonly

From storing completion records to reporting on learning outcomes, Lessonly was built with features to help you keep track of it all.

Lessonly has various tools for users to view their performance report. For example, the gradebook offers a full view of your learning data in one spot, and the open API lets you connect to other systems (like Salesforce and Zendesk) to see the training’s impact on productivity and performance.

Benefits of Using Lessonly In Schools

Lessonly simplifies organizing large amounts of information and makes it easy for users to create unlimited courses and lessons, utlizing text, images, audio, video, and more to make the lessons more interactive.

Adding individual learners and groups to specific assignments can be achieved with just a few mouse clicks, you can also set a due date for the assignment. Notification are sent by email to ensure courses are completed in time.

Features That Makes Lessonly Stand out

  1. Lessonly makes it amazingly easy for instructors to create contents on the platform with it’s easy to use editing tools.
  2. Lessonly has a clutter free and very intuitive design that makes it easy to work with even for new users.
  3. It is a Web-based online tool that runs well in multiple types of browsers and needs no additional software to run.
  4. It’s web-based platform design makes it possible for changes made in any lesson to be immediately updated automatically.
  5. Instructors can easily see and monitor the over view of all users who did or did not complete their lessons.
  6. Lessonly comes with an Automatic email reminder features that helps in reminding team members for uncompleted lessons.
  7. Lessonly is compatible with mobile devices and tablets, making the system accessible on-the-go.
  8. A support team is on hand to help with questions via live chat, email and phone calls during their regular business hours

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